J22 – Mark Bowers



If it’s not for culture, then what are we fighting for ?

When the poet is alone, he sings, he thinks, he talks, beginning his ideas by « once upon a time » .

Audience loves listening stories. It’s important for his good health, for his relationship with others.

Audience seems to want to be into the wild but not alone.

This is why the artistic world is necessary to nations. That’s why we created a Confined Art Fest.


Que s’est-il passé depuis les premières migrations européennes vers les Amériques ?

Je t’aime moi non plus.

Je ne te comprends pas, pourtant je veux être comme toi.

Arnaud NANO Méthivier, curator of the Confined Art Fest, curateur.


Currently, I live in Oakridge, Oregon. There are zero known cases in the town where I live (Population of 3200). My roommate and I (the one I’m creating the documentary with) are staying at home for the most part working on the documentary and all of our other creative endeavors. We are only leaving to gather supplies (food and the essential necessities).
What I’m doing during the COVID19 pandemic is creating a feature-length documentary. I’m documenting the real world, real people, and real stories in real-time. I believe this is the only thing that the media all around the world isn’t really covering. When we started interviewing people (my business partner and I) we had a specific goal (number of people) in mind to interview. In about 10 days we’ve already interviewed more than half of that end number. We’ve interviewed people from Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom (England), Ireland, Chile, Australia, the Netherlands, and all over the United States. We’re creating a broad perspective from many different regions of the world to be able to show the psyche of the people and what’s happening on a global level.
Mark Bowers, spoken-word artist. (Oakridge, Oregon, USA)


Words from Sergio Bonacci LaPalma aka Chapete (Film Director of 3.12) :

“We were trying to look for an organic, non-conventional way in working on an art film together. We didn’t want to follow Hollywood’s standard of filmmaking because we believe it kills the soul of poetry. We got inspired by using what we have in our surroundings, and by filmmakers John Cassavetes and Jean-Luc Godard. The homelessness and poverty of the streets of Skid Row, Los Angeles helped shape Mark’s words into a raw, psychedelic moment. We really did not know what we were doing, we just tried to use the atmosphere around us to influence creation. In the end, Mark Bowers’ words shape and transform the entire piece into our whole vision. His words save the day.”

Words from Matthew Parada (Helped shape spiritual ideas)

According to the kabbalistic tree of life; the numbers, 1, 2 and 3 represent the supreme reality above the abyss.

This spiritual truth is also expressed in the ancient Chinese text, ‘Tao Te Ching’ in chapter 42:

The Way gave birth to one.
One gave birth to two.
Two gave birth to three.
Three gave birth to all things.

All things carry yin and embrace yang.
They reach harmony by blending with the vital energy.

3.12 in the words of Mark Bowers (Poet/Creator)

3.12 has a very special meaning to me because those three numbers are the ones above the abyss. The only way to get to those numbers is to go through and above the abyss. This poem is about being able to climb out of darkness and find your inner truth, inner light, your spirit that’s been hidden away for however long. Traversing the deepest, darkest parts of the abyss and being able to come back out of it on the other side. Above the veil of the abyss is the creative world and the archetypal world, the root of where all things come from. In my theory; getting across the abyss, our deepest darkest moments, will allow us to find the true root of our creative spirit and enable us to access our deep archetypes that on the surface might not be as easily accessible.

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